My first instaphoto, oh the memories… (Taken with Instagram)

My first instaphoto, oh the memories… (Taken with Instagram)

My Klout score is only going down, what the heck!?

My Klout score is only going down, what the heck!?

Have a spectacular “welcome” day

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August 10, 2012

1868 entrepreneurs

This is a Serial Entrepreneur Manifesto

It’s about startups
There’s something about serial entrepreneurs… Take cliff diving for
example. You are standing on top of a cliff, let’s say 10m high. It
doesn’t matter if your plan is to jump on a head, or legs. You are
scared as hell! Some of your friends, and “friends” are teasing you,
saying you don’t have the guts to jump. You know that the chances of
something bad happening are minimal, but there’s this loud voice inside
your head yelling you could break your back, neck, embarrass yourself.
And than finally, finally you beat the coward in yourself. You take the
jump! Just do it, like the commercial says. The rush goes through your
body, as you hit the water you are relived. You are victorious as your
friends are chearing, not tesing you. Entrepreneurs, you know what I am
talking about.
Than a funny thing occurs. Along comes winter, and the next summer. You
are up on that big rock again. Guess what, your legs are shaking of
fear. Once again you have to beat the devil, the diablo. What in the
world led you to that silly rock again? What in the world were you
thinking?! Why, why, why do you persist? Maybe because you choose to.
Maybe because you are foolish enough to think you can change the world.
Maybe because you want to help people. Or maybe you just have that
drive within you, and you are like a rocket prepared to do what it
takes to reach Mars.
This is why I interview entrepreneurs. Know thy entrepreneur, the force
is strong within him for he is a true master and a saviour of a fallen
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