His startup bridges the gap betweet attachments and the cloud.


Looking back through the commit history of attachments.me, I see that my first commit was made almost exactly two years ago. In this time, my co-founder Jesse and I have:

  • raised 2.5 million dollars.
  • convinced several awesome co-workers and advisors to join us on the journey.
  • built a…

Holy cow, Thomson Reuters to Acquire MarkMonitor

"With the continued explosive growth of Internet, ecommerce and social network usage, the digital world provides an anonymous haven for criminals who harm brands’ revenue and reputation, often at the expense of consumers," said Salim. "Brands that take action to protect themselves by managing their domain name portfolios see real return on investment, including lower online advertising costs and higher revenue, along with greater customer satisfaction. Together, MarkMonitor and Thomson Reuters will provide best-in-class solutions for online brand protection."


Interview with Rick Schwartz, aka The Domain King.


The more I watch Inception it gets better and better. Amazing…

Btw, new Tumblr app for iPhone looks interesting!

Rob Grant is my new hero. I wish there are more people who managed to tap the power of the internet and domain names.

And you think we are in a bubble?

And you think we are in a bubble?

This is a profound video of a presentation of those special Google glasses. It’s actually called project Google glass. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but I really think you should watch this!